Water's Edge Finance

Water's Edge Finance, LLC was founded in 2019 to provide unbiased financial and career advice that is tailored to the individual or business.  The goals are to simplify finances, and enjoy living life.  Financial Coaching, LLC, works with a limited amount of clients to ensure quality service and results.

Coaching that has been provided include financial tune ups, debt management, and budget planning.  Additionally, career advice and resume/search strategies have been delivered as income is an important part of the financial picture.

Water's Edge Finance, LLC is independent of a financial institution and coaching folks to manage money to make sound decisions that fit their situation.  The financial credit industry is the number one business in the world and selling debt is profitable.  Financial Coaching can help avoid the pitfalls or make a plan to change course. 

The founder, Brett Vanderwater is a financial leader in the industry.  The economy works diligently to take your money.  The one person that can control your finances is you.  The goal of Financial Coaching is to enable people to use the tools they already have to guide their life to financial independence.

Water's Edge Finance, LLC, can help you in many areas of your financial life including:

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Debt elimination strategies
  • Collections and foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy and alternatives
  • Foreclosures and mortgages
  • College planning and student loans
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning and investing
  • Income - Resume and career search strategies
  • More