Sunday, May 19, 2019

Personal Budget = Freedom

Budget - its not a four letter word and yet to some, it strikes a cord of control and misery.  The budget of Income and Expenses is a key to having your money work for you opposed to the thought that you work for money.  A first step in breaking out of this cycle is to budget and determine where the money is going.  Money kept to roam freely, will freely leave and you won't know where it went or if it ever is coming back.

To begin a budget, have a budget meeting every month and determine where your money is going the next month.  Every month is key, as cash flows will change on a monthly basis.  Once a budget has been completed the next key will be to tack the expenses - are things working out as planned?  Do they need to be adjusted?

There are many benefits of completing a personal budget.  A long term benefit is the ability to plan the future.  To get started on a personal budget, there are many web sites and self help books.  Some find the benefit of a Financial Coach.  To explore coaching opportunities, contact today.

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